Welcome to this little nebulous of the internet. If the title hasn’t already given it away, this section summarises what this site is all about. Many people enjoy pursuing a ‘good life’ or ‘the good life’. The Good Life Companion aims to explore the broad spectrum of what the good life is and what contributes towards it. As such, the pieces on this site all have the same goal of improving a person’s life. This can range from championing anything that brings about a happy, healthy life, recommending books or films and even simple tips to help you enjoy your days more.



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  1. Jonny, I think it’s valuable to distinguish ‘sport runners’ from competition runners. It’s like being in a local basketball league and comparing yourself to LeBron. To be fair, sure the competition runners need to break 20:00 to be awesome. For a sport runner 25:00 is pretty damn good!

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    1. Thanks for the follow up comment Botendaddy. My PB is 22:35 at the moment and there were so many people ahead of me in that race! I’ve heard that any running that averages 5km per minute and under is pretty respectable.

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