Hampi’s temples were unlike anything I have seen before. Like most people, I have seen ancient buildings and relics before, and, like most people, I have become quite bored at the site of them. However, Hampi’s ancient structures and monuments remained impressive to me not necessarily because of how they were built (although, the intricacy was incredible), but for the vast amount of what was built. Everywhere I looked there was another temple to be observed, each one with its own unique style.

Whilst the buildings and ruins truly were impressive, at heart I am nature lover. So, what was all the more impressive for me was the ridiculous landscape that surrounded the area. The greenery, mountains and, most importantly, boulders that surround the entirety of Hampi was breath-taking. My time spent looking out at the landscape and climbing the various rocks was something quite special. The vastness of the landscape was actually quite hard to take in and it’s only now that I look back through photos that I realise quite how impressive it really is.

After reading a couple of suggestions, I intended to stay in Hampi for a while. However, I was there during off season and that meant suffering through the intense heat! So, after melting in the 40 degrees heat for my first afternoon I decided to shorten my stay to just two days. So, if you find yourself only having a couple of days to spend here, I suggest you divide your time equally between the two sides of the river.

On the first day, look around the temples and ruins. We booked a rickshaw/tour guide through our guesthouse at a reasonable price. After speaking to people whom did it without a tour guide, I don’t regret paying that bit extra. We were shown some very interesting parts of Hampi that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. For instance, certain pillars in the temples are actually musical instruments that were played during ceremonies and parties.

For the second day, wake up very early and watch sunrise from one of the various viewpoints. Once you’ve had breakfast, cross the river by ferry or by hopping across stones – try not to fall in as one of my companions did! On the other side, haggle for a reliable scooter at a good price and roam around for hours. We didn’t have a plan, we just chanced across some restaurants, temples and the Anjenya Hill. You can go on bouldering courses on this side of the river, but we found some good-looking boulders on our scooter tour and did it ourselves.

Hampi was brilliant and I wish I had stayed longer in spite of the intense heat. If nature, picturesque views and history are your things then stay here for a long while and soak in the great surroundings.