It’s been a long week at work. Friday or Saturday has rolled around and you know you want to treat yourself to some seriously comforting food. But, alas, disaster has struck. You’re so hungry you’ve got know idea what you want to eat. No worries – you’re in luck. I talk a lot about treating yourself regularly if you’re working hard and looking after your body, so I’ve compiled a list of ten comfort foods. Enjoy.

Fry up – I honestly think you can have this at any time of day and you can have a vegetarian version that still had all the same charm of its meaty counterpart. Toast, eggs, hashbrowns, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and a ludicrous serving of tomato ketchup all combine to make you very happy, albeit a little lethargic. 

British roast dinner – Nothing says comfort like roast potatoes, parsnips, vegetables and five gallons of gravy.

Raclette – This cheese is renewed in the Alps for its ability to simultaneously give energy and cure a hangover. You scrape molten hot cheese onto potatoes and add an assortment of condiments. You can’t really explain it until you’ve tried it.

Burger and chips – Call me boring, but this dish appeals to me on so many different levels. I love chips and from time to time I adore a burger cooked medium rare in brioche bun.

Prawn, garlic and chilli pasta – This dish has a kick to it in all the right ways. If the pasta is cooked slightly aldente and rocket is sprinkled on top you can close your eyes whilst eating it and truly believe you are in Italy.

Calzone – I love pizza, in fact I love it too much – I overeat all the time when having it. However, the pizza I eat is overrated and usually comes from bad takeaways. A calzone offers something slightly different and it is usable only found in good quality establishments. When I eat a calzone I’m usually guaranteed a well crafted, Italian inspired pizza.

Cornish pasty – Similar to a calzone this British dish may rival the comfort food standard brought to us by a roast dinner. A well-done flaky pastry and a well peppered inside makes it obvious to see why this was once the staple lunch of many a farmer. 

Singapore noodles – This Chinese dish is as spicy as it is morish. Usually made with an assortment of finally chopped vegetables and meat, I often find myself struggling to stop when I’ve had enough. Mind you, that’s only if the chef has made it well and it is sometimes prone to disaster.

Spaghetti bolognese – Some people associate this food with cheap school dinners in the UK. Indeed, it wasn’t always the tastiest thing on the school menu. However, my mum always managed to make a great, tangy bolognese sauce and I’ve loved it ever since.

Fish pie – I couldn’t leave this off my list of great comfort foods. I once came back from a 14 hour shift in the cold rain with my girlfriend. To my delight a beautiful fish pie had been made for us with an oh so creamy mash, an assortment of fish, including prawns and monkfish, and even a boiled egg in the middle. It was incredible.