I’m unemployed! Yay me! As most unemployed people tend to do, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks scouring the internet looking for jobs and admittedly, I have found myself quite stressed at times during the proceedings! However, I’ve come to realise being unemployed needn’t be such a bad thing! In fact, I would argue having short phases of unemployment could even be beneficial for a person provided they have enough money to tie them over for that period of time. So, I have created list of things that have kept me motivated in my job hunt and allowed me to enjoy/utilise my time spent unemployed.

  1. Treat your job hunt like a job – Many people will tell you to do this, and its for good reason too! Getting up at a respectable time Monday to Friday and putting in the hours job hunting keeps you ready for work. More importantly, it keeps the opportunities rolling in! Rather than the full blown 9 to 5, I ‘ve opted for a 9 to 2 approach. There’s still lots of time to spend hunting but I can also enjoy my time off work and not get too distraught with my job hunt.
  2. Keep yourself occupied with a project – Rather than turn into a couch potato when you’re not searching for jobs, keep yourself occupied with a project you actually care about! This could be redecorating a room in the house, creative writing or getting rid of old clothes. Whatever it is, as long as you enjoy and/or care about the project it will give you a satisfied feeling and (hopefully) tangible results. There have been one or two days where I’ve been obsessed with finding a job when I should be enjoying the fact I’m doing lots of work to find a job and now have more free time to do projects such as these.
  3. Sell your stuff on eBay – Most people have items they don’t want or barely use that are actually quite valuable. If you round up all of these items around your house you can make some money and keep yourself occupied for a few hours a week. I’ve made a little money so far and I’m developing new skills whilst doing so.
  4. Exercise – You’ve got so much more free time if you’re unemployed and looking for a job why not exercise? This doesn’t mean that you should take up an expensive sport, but it does mean you could go for runs or walks during the weekdays whereas you may not have been able to before. Keeping yourself active will keep you happier and also leave you healthier. Being happier and healthier can contribute towards you getting a job!
  5. Diet – I don’t mean go on a fad diet that you can only hope to keep up for a week! I mean sort your diet out. Whilst working, it’s easy to get stressed and feel unable to stay healthy when a greasy cheeseburger is so tasty and comforting. You’ve got so much more time to have a focus on your diet if you’re not in full time work. Start putting in the groundwork to for a healthier food routine that you can keep up when you start work.
  6. Cook new recipes – As well eating healthier, why don’t you spend time cooking new recipes? It rewarding and tasty if you get it right. I’ve been meaning to make myself a calzone for the longest time – I think I might do just that in my unemployed state.
  7. Treat yourself – It is tough getting rejected for job after job. Morale can become very low. So it’s important that you keep rewarding yourself for keeping at it. This could be getting a takeaway or going to the cinema. Of course, you may be strapped for cash as you are unemployed, but there are various economically friendly activities you could do.
  8. See friends – This is certainly a more economically friendly activity! It costs little to nothing to go over to a friend’s house and chill out. After work I would often be too tired to see friends, whilst being unemployed I’m taking advantage of the fact I’m always up for socialising.
  9. Make time for the things you could rarely do whilst working ­­– Lots of what has been mentioned is what many people struggle to do when working, but there are so many more things we miss out on. In fact, we often forget what it is we are missing out. When a rarity like this pops into your head, write it down and remember to do it now you have more time. For example, it could be drawing, writing, reading or calling an old friend.
  10. Reflect on what you really want to do ­– Yes, there really is a lot more time to think when you are unemployed and looking for work. I remember my younger sister calling me in tears after she’d spent a few weeks unemployed. She’d spent a lot time in her head worrying and becoming anxious about jobs and everything else under the sun. Having this time to think needn’t be negative. If we keep up with healthy, good habits then we can use this time to really reflect on where our jobs and actions will take us. Whether we actually want to pursue a certain career or whether looking for certain jobs is really worthwhile.