Kings of Leon are back with yet another album. After the huge successes of their previous albums, in particular Only By Night, you would think they might start to run out of bright ideas. Fortunately, whilst WALLS isn’t my top ranking album of theirs, it certainly provides some great sounding music.

WALLS is actually an acronym for We Are Like Love Songs and indeed this is a fetching title for an album that takes much of its inspiration from the ups and downs friendships and relationships can bring a person. As usual, it is Caleb Followill’s raw, Southern voice that brings his inner musings into a melodic form. The ten tracks in this album are, as NME‘s Hamish MacBain points out, heavy on the ‘big’ choruses. They also state that these choruses may be borderline ‘cheesy’. Indeed, this may be the case, but to be honest this is exactly what I want from the Tennessee band. I want a great guitar riff, deep bass, an impressive drum beat and lyrics that I can both relate to and sing a long easily to. 

Kitty Empire from The Guardian states this album is ‘one keen to bare its soul. The implication of a title like WALLS is, after all, that they should come down.’ This is certainly a truism, especially after listening to my two favourite tracks from the album, ‘Walls’ and ‘Waste a Moment’. The first of these is a slow song with simple lyrics emotionally describing the ‘walls’ of a man coming down. ‘Waste a Moment’ is more upbeat and fast song describing a woman and her boyfriend.

All in all this is a nice album to listen to. However, it is certainly not Kings of Leon at their best, but this is just my opinion, after all my favourite song of theirs is ‘Day Old Blues’ and not many others share this with me. In spite of this judgement, give WALLS a listen, I guarantee there will be at least three songs you’ll be singing along to.