My girlfriend and I had one of those weekends where you sit down and talk a lot of things through. These talks aren’t always nice; they often involve hurt feelings and misunderstandings. Fortunately a lot of things were aired and as we parted ways on Sunday, things were looking positive. These talks often happen over an extended period of time, sometimes a day or more. It’s hard to talk about these things all at once and in my experience, having something to take up your time in between the talking helps. This could it could be Friends on a series loop, walking around a scenic area, a greatest hits album or even a jigsaw puzzle.

This weekend I found a good supplement for these talk in the form of Peep Show. British readers may be familiar with this show as it has been around for quite a few years. It features two best friends who have known each other since university and now live together in a London flat. Mark (David Mitchell) is a cynical, peculiar man who works at a large bank. Jeremy (Robert Webb) is rarely employed, takes a variety of drugs and goes in and out of relationships. The stark contrast between these characters makes for many amusing conflicts in strange situations.

The biggest strength of this show is the thoughts we witness in both characters’ heads. We can listen to their thoughts as they react to situations and conversations. This shows their true, cynical opinions in often shocking and worrying ways. This gateway to their thoughts has often put me at ease when I’m feeling slightly anxious – if the creators of these characters can make light of these bizarre thoughts then why can’t I to my own? The same logic applied for talking about our relationship, I can get carried away with thoughts about us and the future. Peep Show brings to light how absurd the mind can be and why we should err on the side of caution when approaching our thoughts. 

All of the nine series have their strengths and weaknesses, so should you want to start watching it, then begin at the start. Moreover, there is a progression throughout the seasons as the characters move on with their lives. However, if you wish to watch one or two, there are a couple I can recommend. Series 2, Episode 1 features Jeremy meeting the girl of his dreams at a dance class, the episode then follows the lengths he will go to to break sexual taboos with her. Series 4, Episode 6 features Mark getting married to a woman he doesn’t love, we witness the extraordinary lengths he will go to to avoid their problems. 

Peep Show offers a unique insight into two very British minds. The hilarity and ridiculousness of their thoughts act as both a joke and a comfort. Ducking in and out of this programme as my girlfriend and I talked things through helped ease the tensions and make light of certain things. If you get the chance, give it a go! What have you spent your time doing whilst talking things through with your partner?