It’s been a long week at work, the kind where you spend half of your time scheming interesting ways you could quit and the other half feeling quite useless. There are lots of ways to recuperate after a week like this. Exercise, friends or a trip away all make the list. However, sometimes the best thing to do after a week like mine is to regress to your childhood self. Not the curl into a ball type of regression, more a kind of remembering old times and picking up old habits type. 

You could look though pictures and remember old times. You could go back to your parents’ house and get a dinner cooked for you. Or you could pick up an old activity or habit that you once used to love doing. Whatever it is, remembering and engaging with happy memories from your past is fun, cathartic and can often help make you feel much better if you’re feeling stressed out 

I was always fond of making things. I painted Warhammer, I built great houses with Lego and I fine-tuned fake guitars made of shoeboxes and elastic bands in my pre-teens. There was something satisfying about making things for me and I have since stopped created these things. 

I didn’t fancy playing with Lego, but I did fancy making something I could show people. So today, I drove to the garden centre with my girlfriend and bought various items to make a terrarium. Terrariums are effectively see-through plant pots. They are usually made of glass and come in all shapes and sizes. They make beautiful little decoration pieces for shelves and mantelpieces. 

Although my terrariums looked like they were made by a child, I had a great time doing it! I bought a jar, soil, stones and succulents for mine, although you can also make them with cacti. I put a layer of stones on the bottom, a layer of mud in which I planted the succulents and then a second layer of stones on top.

It was a fun way to spend an hour or two with my girlfriend (although she got frustrated and gave up!). It would also be a fun way to spend time with your children. Moreover, it could be a fun way to make Christmas or birthday presents for you’re friends and family.

My inner-child was satisfied and I felt much better for it. See if you can make terrariums better than I did!