I’m quite sure the idea of rearranging a room in your house seems like an terrible idea to most. The space beneath the bed in your bedroom may be storing things you would rather not see ever again and the sofa of your living room may have half eaten meals lurking behind it. Moreover, it can be quite hard trying to find the time to rearrange a room; it can take hours and some people have better things to do on their weekends! Despite all of these factors, do not doubt how great an impact rearranging your room can have on you. Every now and then when I am feeling bored or irritated with my bedroom I rearrange the furniture. I do not do this an excessive amount by any means, but I have done it enough to realise it can affect a positive change in your life. Every time I have rearranged my room I have felt much better for it and I will now elaborate on a few of the benefits.
One of the best benefits of rearranging your room is undoubtedly how it inspires you to do more than just rearrange. The first reaction is often an urge to declutter. I am not entirely sure where this urge comes from, perhaps because you are in a productive mindset once you begin to rearrange or maybe you begin to grow annoyed with having to account for where to put useless items in your room. Either way, I believe there are benefits to this more minimalist approach. It is often repeated that material things do not make you happy, the meaning of this is probably widely known by now but I shall give a brief example anyway.

Paul has twelve cars, five houses and two yachts and Lisa has a cosy bungalow and moped. Both of these people share the same levels of happiness.

This is what that means when people say materiality does not bring happiness. I think this is true. Think about the various celebrities who admit they suffer with depression, they have lots of money and possessions yet they still feel pain as ‘normal’ people do. If material things do not make you happy, then perhaps we can or should move towards a life where we keep and buy only what we need.

The other benefit of minimalizing your room is that it becomes a much calmer space. If you rearrange your bedroom and make it tidier with less junk, I would suggest you will sleep better. A relaxing space has been created that is certainly suitable to sleep and rest in. Likewise if you minimalize your home office, there will be less objects to distract and confuse you with the tasks you are performing. If your environment has less distractions you are far more likely to achieve whatever it is you wish to do. Think about when extremely busy cities can sometimes leave people stressed, it is a similar to rooms being cluttered. Rearrange your room and you may be inspired to minimalize the objects in your room, in turn, it can make you happier and more productive. Even if you are not happier and more productive, you can always sell what you have decluttered or give it to charity, either one may improve your mood!

Another benefit is the cleaning that comes with rearranging a room. It can sound like a real chore but ultimately it is something that has to be done! When you move objects from one place to another you will notice rubbish here and there, if it is food it could turn mouldy and begin to make a stench. Moreover, if you have allergies to dust then it is an ample opportunity to hoover and dust, helping you avoid sneezing, coughing and wheezing.

Cleaning is obviously not a particularly inspiring benefit of rearranging your room(s), however there is a more enlightening benefit. A housemate of mine who often felt up and down was once talking to me about rearranging her room. It was during exam period, she was really struggling for any sort of motivation and she was feeling particularly down. I spoke to her directly after she rearranged her room (which was beautiful before and after by the way, adorned with various rugs, pictures, jewellery and even a taxidermy goat) and she was in a completely different spirit. She said she felt uplifted and inspired to do well. Even if this was a form of procrastination, you cannot doubt that feeling inspired and better after doing something is positive. I too feel this, rearranging your room is not too complicated but it is creative in a sense. Sometimes immersing yourself into a menial task that provides beneficial, physical outcomes can make you feel great.

Finally, after I have finished rearranging my room I notice I appreciate the space much more. I want to spend more of my immediate time in it afterwards. Sometimes this is because it looks great and it has become a nice place to be in. Other times it is because I want to marvel in this place I have reinvented for free! Either way, it certainly improves my mood wanting to be in a room I have rearranged.

It may not be on the top of someone’s priorities to rearrange your room and it certainly is not one of the main contributors to living a good life. However, the process can be quite short and it can have some great benefits. After all, most of us habituate these spaces seven days a week why would you not want to test out different, potentially better ways to have your house. Comment with any questions, problems or similar experiences!